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KYN was born out of the shared experiences of Josh Casey and Yari Bundy during and after graduating from Mills College in Oakland, CA. Since their formation in 2015, KYN has been honing a sound that evokes emotional minimalism, visceral imagery and deep introspection. Following the release their debut EP Worlds in April 2016, KYN has been performing around the Bay Area, collaborating with dancers, and touring in the US and overseas. After returning from a crowdfunded project to attend the Ableton Loop Conference in Berlin in November  of 2016, KYN returned reinvigorated to explore emotional themes related to trauma and anxiety while simultaneously creating addictive grooves that move through the full spectrum of emotions. Bringing together their education in experimental electronic music from Mills with their love of rhythm and atmosphere, they perform live shows that not only highlight their undeniably infectious chemistry but also their ability to create immersive sonic landscapes that seamlessly blend sound design, ambient music and experimental techno.






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